Today, our company has discovered that unauthorized individuals are impersonating the SPARKLE COLLECTION company and brand founder Karen Chan, JP, engaging in suspected email phishing activities. These activities include using the SPARKLE COLLECTION brand's registered trademarks, company phone numbers, addresses, and other contact information to send fraudulent emails, often with suspicious attachments that may contain viruses.

We hereby urge our valued customers, suppliers, and friends to exercise caution and remain vigilant. Our official email addresses always use the domain "," and we do not use any other domain to send emails. In response to this incident, our company has immediately filed a police report. Should you have any doubts or suspicions regarding the content or sender's identity of any email, please contact our company immediately.

SPARKLE COLLECTION reserves all rights to take legal action against any impersonators who infringe upon our registered trademarks and engage in unauthorized criminal activities using stolen personal identities.

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