Ko Nam is a renowned artist who lost his hearing due to illness when he was 3; it did not stop him from learning from other famous artists such as Cen Xuegong, Luo Cibing and Mou Kanghua etc. With his love for painting works of nature, his paintings can be seen all over the world, many of which have been awarded at major art galleries. He has also held multiple personal expos and is well respected in the industry.

About the Artwork - 彩色(五): Lotus leafs are elegant and noble, standing out amidst the bright colours surrounding it. Ko Nam once mentioned in his artwork, "My world is completely silent, but when facing nature, I can feel the tranquility of a soul."

Proceeds from the purchase of【LOTUS】Lotus Painting on 100% Chiffon Silk Scarf with Swarovski® Crystals will be all donated to the KeenAble Creation.

KeenAble Creation adopts "Disabled Artists. Promote. Incubate" as their mission. They promote and sell artworks and products created by the disabled in Hong Kong and train budding disabled artists in commercial art and design so that they have a vocation from which to make a living.