“When flowers are in full bloom, the butterflies will come. When your personality

flourishes, opportunities shall arise.

-old Chinese proverb


The Chinese proverb is our brand inspiration and core concept. A fusion of Chinese and Western chic, "Sparkle" combines elements from talented designers with Swarovski® Crystals to create an innovative lifestyle brand.

THE SPARKLE COLLECTION by german pool features a series of luxury products in collaboration with talented designers. We inject the brand concept into every design, each creation is exquisite and elegant. Journey into a stylish lifestyle together with us.



The word “S-P-A-R-K-L-E” in THE SPARKLE COLLECTION carries more meaning than “Sparkle” - shiny and glittering. It also represents - “Partner”“Authenticity”“Revolutionary”“Kaleidoscopic”“Limited” and “Exclusive”.

THE SPARKLE COLLECTION aims at creating a well-loved brand with understated luxurious style, with modern glamour, and modern glamorous, when every finished product can be regarded as an art piece; fashioning a wide array of highly original exclusive designs with the best artists, designers and brands that Hong Kong has to offer. The collection includes Qipaos, accessories, apparel, kitchen appliances, gifts and cabinets.



1. Verb
If something sparkles, it is clear, bright, and shines with many small points of light.

2. Noun
Sparkles are small points of light caused by light reflecting off a bright surface.

3. Adjective
Someone who sparkles is lively, intelligent, and witty.
SPARKLE Character

Someone or something that SPARKLES is amusing and clever. If you say that someone sparkles, you mean that they are lively, exciting, and attractive.