Flower and Butterfly

Flower and Butterfly 花開蝶來系列

SPARKLE COLLECTION revisits the brand’s heritage first collection of “Flower & Butterfly”, and create original patterns inspired by the HK Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve, depicting common butterflies found in HK, each unique and a beauty of its own.
The butterfly, though fragile and delicate, is hard-working, ever hopeful and live life to the fullest. Even in the same species, no two butterflies are alike; their wing pattern, like the fingerprint, is unique and individualistic. Butterflies symbolize metamorphosis, spiritual rebirth, transformation, creativity, and an ability to experience the wonder of life, much like SPARKLE’s life philosophy:

“When flowers bloom, butterflies will come.”

SPARKLE believes and wants to spread this message of self-love and self-confidence to every woman in the world, that when you live life true to yourself and when you live life to the fullest, good things will come, and that the confident individualistic woman is always the most attractive.
HK Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve, ranked 4th in the listed Priority Sites for Enhanced Conservation of the New Nature Conservation Policy, houses nearly 90% of butterfly species in HK, and their mission is to protect and conserve butterflies and its biodiversity, enhance ecological value of the land, and educate and promote ecological conservation. SPARKLE is proud to collaborate with the Butterfly Reserve on preserving and promoting this sustainable HK natural heritage.