馮建輝Ken Fung
German Pool Group Company Limited – Branding, Design & Creative Director
Federation of Hong Kong Industries  Design Council of Hong Kong - Chairman
Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association – President
With University of British Columbia B.A.Sc in Civil Engineering and Chinese University of Hong Kong MSc in Marketing under his belt, Ken Fung is German Pool’s Branding, Design & Creative Director. He also serves many public titles, including Chairman of Federation of Hong Kong Industries - Design Council of Hong Kong, and President of Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association. Having worked in Canada’s most prominent advertising agency for over 20 years, Ken was appointed by the agency to head its Shanghai office’s creative department as Creative Director, in charge of brand planning and advertising designs. Ken has won numerous accolades through the years, and was selected by the Canada government to design several special edition commemorative stamps, attesting to his high recognition by the industry.