Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 神奇女俠系列 
This sensory-awakening “Dark Mood” collection of SPARKLE’s signature BlackPink and BlackPurple stylish cheongsam qipaos and radical party dresses mixes silk with lambskin leather and sustainable fur, to create east-meets-west stylish cheongsam qipao party dresses that are refreshingly modern but at the same time reminiscent of the splendid 1980’s “power-dressing” era.
With this series of dark sensual stylish cheongsam qipao party dresses in blackpurple and blackpink, Sparkle pays homage to the Wonder Woman in all of us. Career woman, housewife, mother, sister, daughter, the Sparkle woman is multi-faceted, strong and independent; we work hard, play hard, and are not afraid to display our femininity as being womanly does not equate that we are meek and weak, but rather we shout out to the world that we are proud of how far we have come, and we can be fun, sexy, wild, elegant and strong all at the same time, for under the western sweetheart neckline lies a Chinese “heart-core” strong Sparkle Wonder Woman.
All of our mink fur pieces are FURMARK® sustainable natural fur with a label code that can trace the fur from its origin to its endpoint, guaranteeing that the fur product meets independent, globally-recognized animal welfare and sustainability standards.
The leather industry is one of the oldest in the history of mankind, and the buttery soft lambskin used by Sparkle is sourced from a renowned family-operated HK leather brand that has been in the leather industry for 3 generations past, and is dedicated to the heritage and sustainability of this once glorious but now sunset industry.
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