Custom Tailored Your Own

The Sparkle Collection strives to find the perfect fit for each of our customers. Leveraging the advanced 3D measuring technology, we bring you to a journey where modern Western elements meet with traditional Chinese heritage.

Book your online appointment now. Cheongsum are made-to-order to provide you a perfect fit according to your measurements. 

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You need not to know how to measure

Technology allows us to measure the human body with up to 98% of accuracy. Wearing tight-clothing and snapping two pics, Your photos will auto-generate your measurements and we will email you a confirmed design sketch. Talk to our designer to followup your measurement.


The photos you provide us will solely be used for tailoring measurements only.  All photos will be directly processed by a reputable U.S. 3D body modeler and virtual body measurements app. To ensure that your privacy is fully protected, once measurements are confirmed, the photos will be deleted and no copies will be kept.