許勵思 Natalia Khaw

Her design is inspired by the unique and intricate snowflake. Natalia transforms this natural wonder into 3D crystal paneling patterns, each panel with snowflake patterns in various shapes and sizes, and silk-webbed together on a geometric background, creating a sparkling and magical element to any décor - door, interior wall paneling, wardrobe door, headboard, or any space you desire.

This design draws its inspiration from by HK Airport’s 1989 “Rose Garden Project”. Natalia uses round rose patterns to signify that Hong Kong’s future is perfect and beautiful like a rose garden. She cleverly uses straight lines as the backbone to thread together different rose elements into round rose patterns; the lines are strong and bold, the roses gentle and soft, yet they blend so perfectly together into a harmonized and elegant pattern.

Natalia Khaw is an interior designer with over 20 years’ experience who specializes in high end hospitality design. Internationally renowned, her designs have won many accolades. Natalia’s design philosophy is to create spaces and products that trigger a sense of happiness, surprise, and completeness to the dwellers and users.

SPARKLE by Karen Chan x Natalia Khaw Collaboration
SPARKLE drew inspiration from this distinctive fabric pattern and created a series of exclusive Modern Cheongsams, West-meets-East Modern Couture and fabulous accessories: