馮建輝 Ken Fung

Pattern of the iconic HK city skyline printed digitally on silk give this handmade couture Cheongsam a modern chic East-meets-West element. Colorful crystals create the effect of shimmering city lights magnificent fireworks against the night sky. Sun-shaped flower buttons add a witty charm that corresponds to the skyline.

 Red, white and blue pattern iconic of the tarp popular in HK back in the 1960’s. Sparkling crystals together with handcrafted shuāngxǐ (double happiness) flower buttons give this traditional cheongsam a modern East-meets-West cultivated retro look.

With University of British Columbia B.A.Sc in Civil Engineering and Chinese University of Hong Kong MSc in Marketing under his belt, Ken Fung is German Pool’s Branding, Design & Creative Director. Ken serves many public titles, including Chairman of Federation of Hong Kong Industries - Design Council of Hong Kong, and President of Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association. Having worked in Canada’s most prominent advertising agency for over 20 years, Ken was appointed by the agency to head its Shanghai office’s Creative Department, in charge of brand planning and advertising designs. Ken has won numerous accolades through the years, and was selected by the Canada government to design several special edition commemorative stamps, attesting to his high recognition by the industry.

SPARKLE by Karen Chan x Ken Fung Collaboration
SPARKLE drew inspiration from this distinctive fabric pattern and created a series of exclusive Modern Cheongsams, West-meets-East Modern Couture and fabulous accessories: