——Relive the glorious vivid Hong Kong!
This pattern is inspired by jewelry designer Eddy Leung’s award-winning jewelry design “Signature” . Eddy embodies neon signage of local cafes, goldsmith shops, tailors, cinemas and theatres, and accentuates their impression by the stripe pattern. Interlacing neon signboards tell of HK’s culture, aesthetics and stories of past ages, and vice versa the neon signs themselves also become an integral part of HK’s landscape.
In recent years, though neon signage has receded from view, the stories and memories behind them remain vibrant as ever. 【NEONSPACE】 pays homage to those signage that gave HK its reputation of “the city that never sleeps”, for just like our city, 【NEONSPACE】is vibrant, bright, electrifying, and a little naughty at times.
Pattern designed by Eddy Leung.