This pattern pays homage to the dragon boat, using traditional Chinese festive colors of red-yellow-green to portray the dragon boat in a bold and modern design that looks funky and retro at the same time.

The Dragon Boat race, an ancient Chinese folk ritual with a 2000-year history, is performed each year at Double Fifth Festival also known as Dragon Boat Festival. A long boat decorated with colorful Chinese dragon head and tail, the dragon boat is a collaboration of efforts, where paddlers pull the boat in unison to the strong beat of the drummer and under the guidance of the steerperson known as the “Sweep”.

The dragon boat race used to be a big-time event in HK 1970s-1990s, where large crowds would gather on the shore to watch the races, and kids would eagerly look forward to “swimming the dragon boat waters” which was believed to bring good health. In fact, dragon boat racing was so popular in HK back in the 1970s that it gained international attention, and dragon boat racing became a modern international sport with the first international race being held in Hong Kong in 1976.