非遺傳承人 - 封有才 - sparkle collection - 長衫製作技藝
China-Hong Kong Qipao Association’s Chairman and master of Hai Pai cheongsam artistry with over 60 years’ experience.Master Fung Yau-Choi is one of HK’s top cheongsam tailors, and has been appointed as“Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritor”.
Master Fung is famous for his impeccable needlecraft and sewing technique, his stitches are so fine they are literally invisible on the surface of the garment, and his creations are considered art pieces rather than garments, and many of his artistic creations are on permanent display in Hong Kong’s Sam Tung Uk Museum.
A respected teacher in the cheongsam industry, Master Fung strives to revive traditional Chinese craft of cheongsam-making,
and is often seen teaching cheongsam-making courses and workshops organized by Hong Kong Design Institute,HK Cita, HK Jockey Club, etc.
SPARKLE COLLECTION is proud to have Master Fung as our Cheongsam Honorary Advisor.