葉長安 Alvin Yip
This design is inspired by an unforgettable trip Alvin once took. He creates a unique map from that experience, with two distinctive elements: 1) that trip’s geographical location, geographical coverage, landscape outline and urban texture; 2) places and buildings where specific experiences and events occurred. Alvin uses his personal story as framework and builds it up to a unique paneling pattern with complicated lines and simple colors , mapping out his route and memories into a unique and meaningful pattern.

Graduated from UK Architectural Association School of Architecture, Alvin Yip is the Founding Director of HK PolyU Design Institute For Social Innovation, and also serves as Professor and Vice Dean of City Design and Innovation, China Central Academy of Fines Arts. Alvin is a globetrotter who often participates in projects, exhibitions, lectures and forums around the world. His numerous accolades include Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award 2011 and Forbes China Designer Award 2015.
  • Winner of Hong Kong Institute of Architects Award 2007
  • Rome Scholar 2004. He further received the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award 2011
  • Forbes China Designer Award 2015
  • Commendation for Community Service on HKSAR 2010 Honours List.

SPARKLE by Karen Chan x Alvin Yip Collaboration
SPARKLE drew inspiration from this distinctive fabric pattern and created a series of exclusive Modern Cheongsams, West-meets-East Modern Couture and fabulous accessories: