SPARKLE COLLECTION is committed to social responsibility.

SPARKLE CHARITY FOUNDATION LIMITED’s mission is to "promote local art, design and culture in Hong Kong, and support grassroots communities", connecting professionals, celebrities, companies and institutions from different sectors of society, and organizing activities, workshops and volunteer services to the rehabilitated, single parents, youths, grassroots and the underprivileged; to help them develop new skills regardless of their age, sex or social disadvantages.

Each year, SPARKLE CHARITY FOUNDATION LIMITED cooperates with VTC’s HK Design Institute to organize “Next In Cheongsam – Young Designer Challenge”, a fashion design competition to entice young fashion designers to incorporate East-meets-West design and Chinese chic elements into the art of making cheongsams, to inspire them to fall in love with the Intangible Cultural Heritage of cheongsam and inject new life and game-changing ideas into the art of cheongsam, propelling this traditional Chinese dress into new dimensions.

SPARKLE COLLECTION also collaborates with socially responsible industrialists and designers to create merchandise of which all proceeds from sales (minus cost) will go towards SPARKLE CHARITY FOUNDATION LIMITED:
.SPARKLE x JERViS Limited Edition【HK SPIRIT】basketball (Designer: Gordon Chin)
.【HK SPIRIT ORI-PRINCESS】Limited Edition Doll Collectable Box Set (Designer: Gordon Chin)
.【MIRROR】cheongsams & Tang Jackets (Pattern designer: Michael Fung)
.【CHAIRPLAY】cheongsams & Tang Jackets (Pattern designer: Freeman Lau)

Next In Cheongsam 2021: Making-of

Final year students and graduates of HKDI’s Fashion and Image Design course are invited to take part in NEXT IN CHEONGSAM 2021– YOUNG DESIGNER CHALLENGE. Under this year’s theme of “Next in Cheongsam– Denim”, with East-meets-West as the main design concept, participants shall combine traditional elements of cheongsam and Tang jacket with Chinese contemporary style to create a futuristic outlook.