——Re-visit the joy, spirit and nostalgia of Hong Kong old buildings!
【TERRAZZO】pattern by Natalia Klaw is inspired by the iconic stone masonry of HK’s yesteryear architecture, and printed in all the incredible neon colors one can imagine, breathing new life into this HK historical icon. Natalia captures the beauty of terrazzo, the polished composite stone material that made up floors of pawn shops, butcher signs, grocery stores & even interior hand-rails, stairs and floorings within walk-up tenement houses (tong lau) during the 60s, 70s and 80s in Hong Kong. Terrazzo always reminds Natalia of Hong Kong people – flexible, resilient, versatile, malleable but also enduring and humble. “Just like Hong Kong, Terrazzo is both traditional and modern, and we stand proudly in our history of all times.”
Pattern designed by Natalia Khaw.