SPARKLE VIP Value-Added Points (500 Points)

SPARKLE VIP Value-Added Points (500 Points)

After a SPARKLE VIP member shops through SPARKLE COLLECTION, the amount of the order can be converted into VIP Points by exchanging 1 HKD for 1 VIP point. From time to time, SPARKLE launches various types of brand-limited gifts or special itinerary experiences for VIPs to redeem.

SPARKLE COLLECTION has launched the Value-Added Points plan so that customers can redeem their desired gifts even if they don't have enough VIP Points!


Terms & conditions:

- No cancellation or refund is allowed for SPARKLE VIP Points after purchasing. Purchased VIP Points are 1 year expiration, and will be automatically voided after the expiration date.

After payment is made on the VIP Points product page, guests will receive a invoice number. Please claim it via contacting Whatsapp 6136-0827. The time for entering the points is within one week of completing the experience, which can be confirmed in your records.

- VIP Points can only be used by the member account and cannot be transferred or combined.

- You can go to VIP APP and your homepage to view your points and redemption records.