Product Care and Maintenance

To preserve their beauty, you are advised to treat the ordered items with great care and handle them with delicacy.  By acknowledging a few precautions for use and maintenance, you will be able to keep your item in great condition for a long period of time.

a) Swarovski® crystals

>clean your Swarovski® crystals with warm water and a soft brush before drying it with a soft cloth.
>avoid wearing in the following situations:
*When washing your hands, in order to avoid soap deposits slipping into small crevices and tarnishing your piece of jewelry.
*When doing activities requiring the use of corrosive products (gardening, cleaning, dish-washing…) in order to avoid damaging the stones that adorn your piece of jewelry.
*When practicing sports, in order to avoid impacts and scratches, Swarovski® crystals are also best to avoid.
*Exposing Swarovski® crystals to strong heat as temperature changes can irreversibly damage Swarovski® crystals.
*in contacting with chemical ingredients contained in cosmetics, perfumes, or sprays are harmful to Swarovski® crystals.

b) Diamonds

>A diamond can only be scratched by a diamond. Clean your diamond with warm water and a soft brush before drying it with a soft cloth.

c) Apparel

>all fabric merchandise must be dry cleaned only.


Warranty and Repair

Unless otherwise stated, warranty is only available for kitchen appliances products but not including Swarovski® crystals components and Hong Kong warranty terms & conditions apply to all orders purchased through THE SPARKLE COLLECTION by german pool official website (i.e. The warranty is only effective when online registration is completed on GERMAN POOL official website within 10 days after purchase. Please refer to product instructions for details.
>GERMAN POOL provides free checking and repairing service during warranty period and within 7 days of purchase but not delivery charges.
>GERMAN POOL only provides free checking service after warranty period.
THE SPARKLE COLLECTION by german pool offers no warranty or repairing service to any Swarovski® crystals and its components including loosenings.