Masterpiece Collection


Masterpiece Collection 大師聯乘系列 

This is the ultimate museum-level masterpiece haute couture collection. This collection of classic cheongsams and kung-fu jackets features SPARKLE original silk patterns depicting HKMoA’s priceless art paintings by world-revered Chinese contemporary master artists Qi Baishi, Gao Jianfu, Wan Qingli and Wu Changshuo; the artists’ powerful ink wash brushstrokes are transformed into glorious silk fabrics which are then intricately handcrafted by SPARKLE COLLECTION’s Cheongsam honorary Advisor - HK Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritor Master Fung Yauchoi into breathtaking and elegant classic cheongsams and kung-fu jackets.
Descended from a long line of traditional artisans and skillful tailors, the art of cheongsam craftsmanship is part of Chinese culture interwoven with Hong Kong history.
“Technique of Making Hong Kong Cheongsam” has been successfully inscribed onto the Fifth National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) announced by the State Council as of 2021, under the category of "traditional craftsmanship" defined by the Convention for the Safeguarding of the ICH promulgated by UNESCO, affirming the cultural, artistic and artisanal importance of this traditional Chinese garment we know so well.
Masterpiece Collection features haute couture cheongsams exquisitely hand-crafted by the renowned Hai Pai Cheongsam Master - Cultural Heritage Inheritor Mr. Fung Yau Choi. All cheongsams in this collection proudly bear the MADE IN HONG KONG MARK LICENSE certified by The Hong Kong Certification Centre Limited.
Master Fung Yauchoi, appointed as the HK Intangible Cultural Inheritor of Cheongsam, is dedicated to pass on this cultural heritage craftsmanship. Master of the Shanghai School (Hai Pai) cheongsam artistry and with over 60 years’ experience, Master Fung is one of HK’s last-standing top Cheongsam masters and his masterpieces have been displayed in countless Cheongsam exhibitions and museums.


*This collection is collaborated by the Hong Kong Museum of Art and SPARKLE COLLECTION.