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First Prize

Dragon, the most mythical magical creature in all of Chinese and Western histories. The Chinese dragon, in particular, symbolizes power and great fortune. Dragon is a well-depicted pattern in both Western and Chinese fashion design, and widely accepted as a crucial element representative of Asian culture.
Therefore, I incorporated the Chinese dragon into my design, with the fluidity of the Western-style ruffle skirt as the tail of the dragon. The Chinese corset design adds a touch of whimsy and sexiness, while denim brings about a young and casual vibe to the whole design concept. 

Second Prize

Zodiac is not an exclusively-western concept. In Chinese culture the zodiac is represented by twelve animals. Similarly, this cheongsam is not an exclusively-Chinese thing with the mermaid silhouette. The animal prints of Chinese zodiac give a flavour of folk fashion, bringing contemporariness and a Chinese vintage feel to the design.

Third Prize

Third Prize & NEXT IN CHEONGSAM 2022 Online Polling (Winner)


Through the theme of kung-fu, designer tries to showcase not only women’s beauty, but also women’s power. Inspired by Chun-li, the first female character in Street Fighter and the only one wearing cheongsam, her martial art skills is a character for women empowerment.

Fourth Prize

The inspiration of my design comes from the goldfishes I had as pets when I was a child. I think the Koi is the most beautiful fish, their scales shimmering in the water while they swim happily and freely in lakes and streams. Koi is also a symbol of royalty, prosperity, and good luck, thus I used the koi as the theme for my cheongsam design, with a koi print in front, and koi-accentuated accessories like belt and tassels, with the hope that this piece will bring good luck to those who wear it.