【HK SPIRIT】Limited Edition JERViS Basketball (Size 6) (紅白藍)
【HK SPIRIT】Limited Edition JERViS Basketball (Size 6) (紅白藍)
【HK SPIRIT】Limited Edition JERViS Basketball (Size 6) (紅白藍)

【HK SPIRIT】Limited Edition JERViS Basketball (Size 6) (紅白藍)


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Product Description

Basketball, the king of sports! From neighborhood courts to NBA stadium, from the 1970s to this day, basketball grew up with every generation of HK youth, and formed camaraderie within communities where before there was none. Basketball memorabilia is the most sought-after collectible among sport lovers, and SPARKLE x JERViS Limited Edition【HK SPIRIT】basketball with our signature HK iconic red, white and blue tarp pattern will look smart both on the court and on your trophy shelf.

This design takes its inspiration from the classic and well-known HK designed red white and blue tarp. The classic tri-color tarp is simplistic, durable, versatile and trustworthy, reflecting HongKongers’ perseverance and “Under The Lion Rock” fighting spirit. Ken takes this classic and representative pattern which has seen the rise of Hong Kong, and transforms it into a unique paneling design. The pattern uses straight lines in red, white and blue to portray the Hong Kong spirit, which looks random and chaotic, but actually skillfully arranged and can extend borderlessly in all directions, to symbolize the endless possibilities of the classic tarp and Hong Kong.


Pattern Designer: Ken Fung

  • Name: 【HK SPIRIT】Limited Edition JERViS Basketball (Size 6)
  • SKU: LBB4HS016
  • Size: 6th Standard Basketball



As each garment is made purposefully by hand, difference in measurements of bust, waist and hip may range from 1-3 cm.
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All SPARKLE flower buttons are delicately handcrafted by Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritor Master Po and proudly bear the MADE IN HONG KONG MARK LICENSE certified by The Hong Kong Certification Centre Limited. SPARKLE flower buttons are available for purchase with our cheongsams.

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For standard size Made-To-Order garments, SPARKLE offers alteration service at $3000 per alteration (eg. collar width and waist girth count as two alterations) where alteration is possible.
SPARKLE offers bespoke tailoring service for an additional $8000. Additional alterations thereafter are available at $3000 per alteration (eg. collar width and waist girth count as two alterations) where alteration is possible.
For silk cheongsams and Tang jackets, upgrade to leather Mandarin collar is available at $1500 upon customer’s request.



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